College Student Field Experience

College Student Field Experience Guidelines

As part of our professional responsibility, Greencastle-Antrim High School is pleased to welcome college education majors pursuing their required field experience hours into our school and classrooms. Because our first responsibility is to our students, we have certain procedural requirements for those who desire field experience. For those individuals in an accredited teacher education program, please complete the following:

1) Send an e-mail to Dr. Edward Rife (, Greencastle-Antrim High School Principal and request permission to complete field experience hours. Please note that requests must be received at least two weeks in advance of any observation.  Furthermore, be aware that the number of observers per department is limited. In your e-mail, please include the following:
         • College student’s name, phone number and e-mail address.
         • The associated college, college course and instructor’s name.
         • The number of field experience hours required as part of the course.
         • The specific dates and times the student is available for field experience.
         • The grade level and/or content desired for the experience.
         • Copies of the three required clearances (PA Child Abuse History, FBI Criminal  Background, and PA State Police History), which are expected to be in good standing.

2) Once approved by Dr. Rife, this information will be forwarded to classroom teachers who will contact the requesting student to arrange observation dates and times. The hosting classroom teacher will inform Mrs. Kim Combs, high school secretary, of all confirmed arrangements.

3) On each visit to the school, the student must check in and out through the Security System, which requires a driver’s license. You will then meet with the receptionist to confirm your visit and show your college ID.

4) Students are expected to dress professionally and conduct themselves professionally. Failure to do so may result in the field experience privilege being revoked.

Thank you for keeping Greencastle-Antrim High School students as our top priority through your cooperation and attention to these procedures.