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Antrim School District

Named after the teacher, Enoch Brown School was the first school built in Antrim Township. Early settlers erected the school and paid itinerant teachers to educate their children for during several seasonal terms each year. Weather and farming tasks dictated pupil attendance. In 1764, Indians massacred Brown and 10 of his students during the Pontiac War which prompted the education of children to return to its previous method in which teachers taught in the homes of children whose parents could pay the tuition.   In 1789 Brown's Mill School opened in a small, square log building with itinerant teachers instructing the area’s students. During the era of the one-room school, Antrim Township boasted 31, some of which remained in use until 1955. The passage of the School Act of 1934 gave incentives to Pennsylvania's citizens to improve their schools. Residents of the Browns Mill community raised enough money to replace the log building with a larger native stone building built in 1836 that would continue as a tuition school until it was incorporated into Antrim School District's system of free public schools. Students attended this school for the next 85 years until the Brown's Mill Consolidated School was built in 1921.   Greencastle School District In Greencastle the earliest schools were private, and parents paid tuition charges, The first pubic school was a one-story log building built in 1807 located on North Washington Street. Several other one-story log buildings were in operation as early as 1854. A new building was built on South Washington Street in 1868 to house the grade schools. In 1875 a three-year high school was added marking the beginning of secondary education in the community, allowing children to continue their education beyond the eighth grade. The first high school provided a three-year program with a college preparatory curriculum. Township students were admitted on a tuition basis and in 1910 it became a four-year program.   In 1916 a two-story brick building was built to house elementary and high school students at the site of the 1868 building. The number of students doubled between 1916 and 1925 and in 1928 a five-room building was built. An auditorium and gymnasium were added in 1934. As each year passed, the need for more space grew along with increased enrollment and expanded curriculum. A home economics room was built in 1948 completing the Greencastle School System facilities. Antrim Township school directors and citizens planned to develop and construct new buildings and move towards a joint school arrangement with Greencastle.   Greencastle-Antrim School District In 1954 a union was formed to run the school operation of both Antrim and Greencastle, and on July 1, 1965 Greencastle and Antrim came together to form one school district.